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Smoothie bike


Our smoothie bikes are a great way to promote exercise and healthy living whilst having fun! The activity is popular at festivals, corporate events and private functions.

It only takes a few minutes to create a great tasting, healthy, ice cold smoothies – depending on speed! And each individual can create their own unique smoothie using the ingredients provided.

Our bikes are low rise so very accessible for most people.

What we provide:-

Everything! Smoothie bike, biodegradable cups, frozen fruit (or fresh), juice, napkins, team member to help and engage and a gazebo. Bikeworks will provide all the ingredients needed unless otherwise organised.

How does it works:-

Smoothie makers choose their juice and fruit, pop it in the bender then peddle to make their smoothie!

What we need:-

An area the size of a gazebo (2m x 2m)


We can bring the smoothie bike anywhere in London and beyond!

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